Massachusetts Innovation Works

What We Do

The World's Only Integrated, Large-Scale Cannabis Production & Research Facility.

Massachusetts Innovation Works is a home for entrepreneurs, researchers, manufacturers and anyone else with a vision to advance the use of cannabis and cannabinoid compounds in the treatment of disease. We provide a collaborative environment in which to conduct research, develop products, access capital and form manufacturing partnerships.

We can help our partners take advantage of industrial efficiencies, a state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure, and expertise in clinical medical trials, medical device manufacturing and business development.

Our team is adept at nurturing original ideas and helping visionaries turn those ideas into the high-promise medical companies of the future. We are open to licensing or joining with key strategic partners, and add value by:

  • Accelerating Innovation
  • Providing Capital and Additional Access to Financing
  • Lowering R&D Costs
  • Expediting Time-to-Market



State-of-the-art equipment and resources for those seeking to conduct serious medical research in the cannabis field.      

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We are investing in modern, high-tech grow chambers for cannabis cultivation under highly controlled conditions.



We provide a highly collaborative a resource-rich environment for the medical and technology ventures of tomorrow.