Massachusetts Innovation Works

World Class Facility

Over a Million Square Feet of Opportunity.

We chose our facility partly for its location - in close proximity to Boston & Cambridge, MA, with their world-renowned hospitals, universities, bioscience and technology companies.

Our sprawling campus also has the space to accommodate a vast community of entrepreneurs, startup companies and large-scale manufacturers, all linked by a common vision to advance and build on the promise of cannabis-based medical and health solutions. Moreover, we have room to grow - literally - with controlled production of pharma-grade products for serious medical research.

  • 1.1Million Square Feet of Indoor Pharma-Grade Controlled Grow Space
  • Proprietary Techniques to Increase Efficiency and Minimize Use of Resources
  • Fully Automated Solutions and Economies of Scale
  • Secure, Self-contained and Sustainable Water & Energy Use
  • Infrastructure for Manufacturing, Storage, Logistics and Distribution
  • Support Through Integrated R&D hub, Product Development and Implementation
  • Proximity to Boston and Cambridge Tech Centers

For a more detailed view of our campus, click here.